Summer Rehab Reading List

Hello everyone - so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. They keep us awfully busy here and my phone wasn’t working very well. I spend a lot of my time reading while here and this list doesn’t even cover half of the books I’ve read. In order to avoid making an exhaustive list, I’ve chosen... Continue Reading →

On the Pink Cloud

“On The Pink Cloud” is a phrase coined by recovering addicts for those in the early days of addiction recovery. It is used to describe the overwhelming feeling of happiness, gratitude and intense well being. A recovering addict released from the tight grip of their addiction can appreciate a euphoria of the natural kind as... Continue Reading →

Love and Other Drugs

Many of you who have reached out to me have asked a similar question about how my husband is doing with all of this, how supportive has he been etc. Many of you wanted to know; "How does marriage survive something as serious as addiction?" The answer isn't so simple and I don't have it... Continue Reading →

People, Places and Things

I have survived my first week here at my new home. Truthfully I have not felt this calm inside for as long as I can remember. The act of seeking leads to the ultimate endorphin rush and that is just what I'm doing; seeking out myself and learning to live a normal life again. Throughout... Continue Reading →

Saying “Bye-Bye”

With about 48 hours to go, I don't think it's hit any of us yet that Mommy will be going away for two months on Sunday. As there is no real handbook on telling your kids Mommy is going away for treatment, we have positioned it to our oldest who full well understands; "Mommy has... Continue Reading →

The Agony & The Ecstasy

You may not like me much as I tell you about my life choices as of late. I have hovered over PUBLISH for like a month now but I feel this is the best thing for myself and others who struggle with this affliction. Telling you; “It made me feel good, so I kept doing... Continue Reading →

Jerry Maguire

So today I am going to do a different kind of blog post. This was all inspired after listening to Bruce Springsteen - "Secret Garden" (yes, it's on my IPhone playlist). Not only do I love this classic song, it's from one of my favourite movies of all time: The best 1996 movie "Jerry Maguire"... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

Here she is! My little baby; about to go off to Kindergarten: This was today during her Daycare Graduation Party, though she still has 2 months before going off to JK which has proven to be a bit confusing for this little one. She thinks she starts like next week! I don't usually order school... Continue Reading →

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