Au Revoir Montreal!

Bonjour from the Montreal Airport!

The girls and I had French classes until Grade 9 and barely speak a lick of French aside from a few words and the classic lyrics from Lady Marmalade:

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir

Voulez vous coucher avec moi”

It doesn’t matter how strong your French speaking skills are though because English is spoken by most and as long as you can read French, (which I can to some degree; signs, advertisements, labels, etc.) you can get by.

I love it here. It is exactly how I wanted it to be and it looks almost the same as it did 10 years ago. Are you noticing I dislike change?

The buildings here have amazing architecture and history which has been kept intact over the years, especially in Old Montreal.

There is an emphasis on keeping it that way and I think that’s just wonderful.

On Friday night, we had every intention of staying in for a quiet night as Saturday was supposed to be our “big” night out but those plans changed…a lot. 😉

There is nothing I love more than getting ready to go out for the night with my girlfriends. This is where we plug in 3 hair straighteners, spread out all of our makeup and get ready together. This ritual has been one of ours for so many years and it really is one of the best parts of having a Girls Trip.

One thing that has changed obviously is my endurance but this weekend, I felt like I was 23 again! I haven’t done anything like this in YEARS.<<<<
rday morning, I shot up out of my bed at 6:45 am because that's when my day usually starts. I heard phantom baby cries but quickly realized there is no baby here and I can actually sleep in….so I did until 10 am which was glorious.

Some pictures from our day in the City; walking, shopping, eating, recovering….<

t night, we hit up one of the best Male Strip Clubs Montreal has to offer.

Hey if the men can do it, the women can as well! I won’t go into the details but let’s just say it was risqué and revealing show but done tastefully with lots of “entertainment.” Did I mention I love “people watching?” Well I do.

I didn’t go to a club for my own Bachelorette as we stayed local and I wouldn’t recommend the Burlington Solid Gold strip club to anyone LOL. If you are going to go that route for a bachelorette or bachelor party, it has to be done right otherwise it just feels wrong.

Both nights we all stayed up until 3-4 am just laughing, telling stories and trying to find poutine.

ght now I am at the airport with LD and waiting for our flight. We are both quite anxious to get home and see our babies.

My 3 year old daughter LOVES bath bombs and of course "surprises" from Mommy and Daddy so I was looking for the perfect gift (which she is only gettingbecause I’ve heard she has been an absolute angel this weekend)Lush has these for $20 right now and I can’t wait to surprise her:<<
ove giving her little surprises because she gives the best reactions but I was hesitant to get this for her as she recently had her birthday in September.

One of my objectives when it comes to child rearing is to be an engaged parent who rewards with experiences and just trying to avoid raising a spoiled brat.

So instead of getting gifts from her friends at her birthday party, I had said NO GIFTS on our invite. We would rather a donation of canned goods or food for dogs/cats.If each guest had brought an actual toy or personal gift, it would just be insane and she gets spoiled enough from her grandparents anyway.

We didn’t have a birthday party for her last year as I was newly pregnant and very sick but for her 1st Birthday we did this and it worked out very well.

This year was even better! Our friends and family donated an entire trunk load of food for people, dogs, cats, even rabbits!

I chose St. Matthew’s House & The Hamilton SPCA and so last week, I loaded up my car with the donations and we dropped them off. I do not have any pictures of doing this because that wasn’t the point but my daughter did get her picture taken by the SPCA and a Birthday Card thanking her. She sort of understood what was happening although had it been actual kid toys/presents, maybe it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly lol.

I’ll have to test that out next year maybe…..

I would love to hear your stories about what you do for your kids birthday parties/gifts! Please share!

A good friend of mine who is expecting her first child has asked me to write about having an Obstetrician vs. A Midwife and Medicated vs. Natural birth which will be featured on Tuesday.

I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday!

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