Our Dirty Laundry

The real kind!

After a weekend away from home, my 3 year old daughter and I have quite a bit of laundry piling up. Last weekend we also went away to my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage up in Halliburton, Ontario which resulted in 4 loads of laundry from one adult and two under 3.

I’ve been a laundry control freak since the age of 11 because I truly felt my mother couldn’t do laundry right (sorry mom!) but darks with whites, shrunken garments, bleach problems….not to mention a smelly front loader.

So at a young age, I learned how to do my own laundry and have been doing so ever since. I really do enjoy doing laundry as for me, it gives me a sense of accomplishment but what does the “perfect” laundry look like?

Back in 1995, we did not have the selection of detergents, fabric softeners, “scent beads” that we see today. I’ve spent so much money on trying to find the best combo in terms of scent, cleaning agents, and of course the COST.

While at the cottage, my lovely Aunt did some of our laundry and it smelled so amazing, like never had I achieved such an amazing scent so I had to ask her what she used. I was shocked by her answer:

I was spending like $19 every two weeks on fucking scent beads plus another $45 a month on the actual detergent and fabric softer liquid while dumping god knows how many chemicals into our water supply when I could have been spending just under $40 every 60 days or so vs. $76 (ya I know, blog should be just “Mommy?!” because I’m shaking my head too.)

This is not a sponsored post but it should be – I absolutely love my new combo of

When you invest in an appliance; especially a washer and dryer, maintenance is very important. The more wear and tear an appliance generates, the need for cleaning and maintenance increases which is why I add white vinegar to my loads like this:

Just a very small amount, up to 1.

Then I add enough detergent to bring it up to 3, blending the two:

Pour it in; half on the Full Wash and half into Pre-Wash.

This way, the vinegar cleans your washer so it doesn’t smell bad which it will over time. The vinegar naturally cleans and softens your clothes so they last longer, don’t wrinkle as much (especially bed sheets) and it removes stains.

Once a week, I also clean out this little trap which most front loaders have but no one uses. It will scare you how much crap is in there.

One of the best rooms in our house is our laundry room and we bought this house really because of how well it was designed:

Please don’t mind my communal adult sock hamper; I don’t do socks lol.

What I love about my laundry room has to be the tons of storage, a sink, built in garbage can for lint and the best: a “crap drawer” for all of the stuff you find in your laundry from pockets.

Oh wow there is money in here! It’s my compensation for doing the laundry….

So I’m all set on the real laundry and it’s journey from dirty to clean while airing my spending mistakes…

2 thoughts on “Our Dirty Laundry

  1. Sherri says:

    Just tried Persil for the first time – amazing! I am now running around the house stripping everyone’s beds so we can all sleep in this scent tonight! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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