I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and felt it both mentally AND physically.

I had a headache and just felt generally unwell. I don’t necessarily think I am sick with something. This week was very busy with appointments and anxiety over a few important decisions I must make soon (which will be discussed at a later date)

My extreme anxiety levels can mimic an illness and put such a strain on my body that I actually do get sick. Stress just takes such a toll on your body, mind and soul so I am not surprised this happened.

Waking up and feeling crappy is rare. I usually wake up with Adriana around 6:30 am (she still wakes up once a night around 2 am) and then Caterina follows around 7:30 am.

Needless to say my day starts early with a night of intermittent sleep. A coffee usually gets me up and running; just a mild one with one milk , and I am good to go.

PHOTO CAPTION: “Is there something on my forehead Mommy?”

PHOTO CAPTION: typical morning, dog, baby and a naked 3 year old.

Not this morning! I woke up feeling like shit and thinking: “I don’t feel like “doing this” today.”

I think we all know what that means. The daily routine of taking care of two kids (3 if you count my dog. Ugh 5 if you count the cats), making breakfast and just running around doing shit.

Photo Caption: They are soooo high maintenance.

Totally see why people ditch their pets when they get a kid. (Sarcasm)

I guess my body felt the same way as my mind did because 10 minutes after having my coffee, I threw up. It was gross. Then I started feeling a bit achy and chilly. I threw up again two more times before 10:00am. I did over do it last night with some Skittles and fudgesicles so who knows…

So I called my mother who graciously came over at 10 am for a few hours and I slept like so soundly.

Finally I had to get up around 12:30 pm and do this mothering thing….

I came downstairs to a total tornado but it’s so hard to get upset over that when I see Caterina playing with her toys, showing her sister all of the different dolls.

Yes I still felt like shit with a headache, but their energy gives me energy. Seeing two happy little faces and Caterina yelling: “She’s up! Mommy is awake!” Just gives me the warm, happy, Mommy feelings.

Some times I take it all for granted how lucky I am as most mothers wouldn’t be able to just call someone up so they could nap for two hours. Nor do they have a Daddy working from home all day who can jump in and out (but that’s it! HE IS NOT HERE.)

PHOTO CAPTION: “Gramma’s here to save us from our useless mother!”

My mother loves to remind me of how it was for her raising 3 kids. My Dad was apparently useless when it came to domestic responsibilities like making dinner. She had been on strict bedrest with my youngest brother and my Dad put Garlic Salt in Kraft Dinner to make it “taste better” which ruined it.

She had to get up out of bed after listening to my other brother and I scream: “Daddy ruined dinner! We are starving!” My brother was born 8 weeks premature. She loves reminding me of that story to make me realize how good I have it.

“At least your husband MAKES dinner….” – my Mom, all the time.

I also take for granted my two amazing daughters and felt intense Mom Guilt for not doing much with them today.

I am kind of not surprised why I feel this way after a no sleep, busy weekend and then jumping right back into home life while staying up way too late binge watching RAY DONOVAN! (Love 💕)<

Caterina is at her first Swimming Lesson and my baby had a massive blow-out so I am giving her a bath:

Adriana out of her Angel Care Bath Chair for once – which for us, has been used not just for baths, but EVERYTHING. As she wants to move around more and not be confined, I am sure it’s a matter of time before I sell it on the Mom Group or give it to Caterina for her dolls.

No need to lug a huge vibration chair or something – we used this for both kids to keep them occupied/trapped. The contraption is light as a feather, no need for batteries or bags for transport, easy to clean. It has stood the test of time with two baby’s and it has followed us everywhere:

Photo Caption: Caterina on the top, Adriana below.

I still feel like shit and the baby is up so must go but thank you to every one for the warm reception this week as I began my new blog.

Your love, support and feedback has been amazing and I promise to keep posting.

As always, don’t be afraid to reach out with your ideas, comments and criticisms!

IG: mommythebanker or E-Mail: angela@mommythebanker.com

Listen to what I like right now, have a good cry. It’s good for your anxiety levels. < strong>LOVER COME BACK – city and colour

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