Sex and the City 3?

In one word: Never.

I am one of the most devoted SATC fans out there.

The song my husband and I walked into our wedding reception was “You’ve Got The Love” by Candi Staton (covered by Florence + The Machine) I am able to quote the show on a whim. I also relate many of my current day situations into my favourite episodes. If I hear a song from the show, I instantly remember which episode it was from.

Heck, I’ve even had a “Mr. Big” like relationship in my life (many moons ago…), and used the Carrie/Mr. Big playbook on how to handle my own reality as my former on/off relationship dragged on.

I went to theatre showings for both movies – big deal right?

Well, I loathe the movie theatre and anyone who knows me, like really knows me, can tell you that was HUGE because it really takes a lot for me to want to sit in a chair that has been sat in by hundreds, with sticky floors, line-ups and shared air.

Plus I find the sound to be wayyyyy too loud. I’m so old and crotchety aren’t I?

Over time, our beloved Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte went from totally relatable, semi-normal career oriented women….

SATC circa 1997

To this: unattainable social statuses and wealth geared towards the “1 percenters” rather than the women they originally portrayed.

SATC 2, 2010: (Wtf)

Don’t get me wrong….characters evolve and shows change but this was ridiculous!

The show went from enjoying the empowerment of being a single woman in a big City, not needing a man to take care of you financially or emotionally to these two movies where not only did you need a rich man/husband, you didn’t need a career any more and as long as you wore designer clothing and made friends with the “right people,” you were golden!

The First movie was ok…bearable. I liked it even though the reviews tore it apart. I also liked the closure I gained after missing the show which had ended 5 years prior.

The only thing I didn’t like about it, which totally explains my rationale about where the show eventually took these women was how they treated Miranda!

That girl worked her ass off as a lawyer, worked while trying to be an amazing mother on her own and what did the movie do? Ruined her legal career, turned her into a SAHM and Steve CHEATED ON HER AND MOVED OUT.

At least I didn’t leave the theatre feeling like SATC Jumped the Shark.

SURE, the ending wrapped up nice and tight, gave us “what we wanted” and all but these were not the women from the show.

For me it was just over. Finished. Done. Finito. Caput.

I had all of my “answers” and didn’t feel like there was anything else left to be said.

Or so I thought until 2 years later, 2010.

Sex and The City 2, a movie we didn’t need, came out.


The fundamental reasons why I liked the show were totally lost in the movie itself.

Everyone felt like a caricature of their TV personalities and the emphasis on sex, clothing designers, and of course the relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big felt like I was watching a sitcom on NBC or something. That and a musical where Liza Minnelli and Nathan Lane are the headliners.

Gone were the strong-willed, RELATABLE, career oriented, “I don’t need a man” women I had grown to love over the 8 year run on HBO. In their place, I met whiny, materialistic, insecure women who DID require a man to make them not just happy, but WORTHY.

Let’s not forget the thousands of dollars worth of clothing, shoes and accessories….

Who were these women and what the hell did they do to my Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte?

If one movie could destroy the legacy of my beloved show, SATC 2 (almost) accomplished that:



Is Sex And The City 2 Racist? – The Atlantic

Racism and the City: the ghastliness of Carrie and her gang

The Death of Sex and The City

So now…..2017: SJP wants to make another SATC movie.

What could SATC 3 possibly be about?

Must Reads:

“Who is the Evil One?” – from

Kim Cattrall Says She’ll Never Do Sex and the City 3 (updated] – Vanity Fair

Thank god someone (Kim Cattrall) has their head screwed on straight.I’d like to retain any love & respect I have for the franchise I’ve got left so please….no SATC 3!

  • It’s not like SJP needs the money, none of them do.

  • Aside from Ms. Cattrall (Must see: Sensitive Skin), all of the other women seem to want to make this movie for MAYBE the money or something to do because they haven’t had the same level of fame since?

  • All of the women (and men) are talented but possibly type-cast from the show which is why SATC 3 is even a thought…who knows.

But girl’s…please…I beg of you:

No more SATC movies or miniseries, re-boots, remakes, whatever.

Leave it the fuck alone!

Oh and Good Luck Ryan Murphy if you try recasting “Samantha,” I’d love to see how that works for you.

Now Watch This….REAL SATC:

  • before camel rides,
  • sharting,
  • and a $14 million dollar penthouse as a primary residence:

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