My (ridiculous) Phobia’s and Spending Money on Baby Stuff

From MommytheBanker: WordPress has been a glitchy bitch today and not formatting my posts properly. I am fixing this so please do not read this post and think I don’t know WTF I am doing. Thanks.

Now on to my Friday Post!

May I start off this post by saying I hate when couples announce a Pregnancy by saying:

“We’re Pregnant!”

(I’m just awful aren’t I? – I really did say that once but I won’t repeat in case she reads this….)

It is not the medium in which they choose to announce it with, (cakes, internet, balloons, whatever)

Basically for me: it is the use of “we’re” vs. “I am” or “She is.” Like “No, Man. YOU are not pregnant, she is.”

Sorry if I offend any one….but I have no self – control over these things!

l don’t know why or what triggered this, but for as long as I can remember, certain words or phrases bothered me, like really made me cringe, like the word “Supper” rather than using “Dinner” to describe eating your evening nosh.

This is a real thing though, it is called“Onomatophobia.My other phobia is called Misophonia:

“A condition that some scientists call misophonia, mealtime can be torture. The sounds of other people eating — chewing, chomping, slurping, gurgling — can send them into an instantaneous, blood-boiling rage.”

From The New York Times.

THIS IS VERY REAL; my brother has it as well but much worse than I do.

He used to actually jump up from his chair and run away, screaming and yelling about how disgusted he was. This was ages ago and he has more self control now. As for myself, I will just shoot you a dirty look and feel an intense, annoyed feeling inside.

Sometimes my husband slurps his coffee just to piss me off. He is very good at pushing my buttons to kid around, but it’s still annoying for me, even as a joke.

I wrote this is for all the future Mommy’s to Be out there so you don’t make the same costly mistakes I made when I had my first child in 2014. I can tell you a thing or two after having two babies when it comes to buying things. We Bankers make mistakes too!

  • Babies and Children; They are expensive and you don’t need half of the crap you THINK they (you) NEED.

  • You also don’t need half of the crap you THINK you WANT. (You know what I’m talking about…the trendy, expensive stuff)

Baby Swings, Entertainment for Confinement:

WHAT I BOUGHT: The “Mamaroo”

I PAID: $399.99 plus tax in 2014 for “Limited Edition” model (they seem always get”me to buy things with the word “limited”) Retails for $249.99 base model up to $400 for “Limited” Model.

I HAD to have the Mamaroo for my first child after seeing it in action at my friends house, like I actually felt like an inadequate parent with my Fisher Price Swing after seeing this thing in action.

MUST READ: Consumerism Puts Family In Crisis – The Telegraph U.K.

THIS thing though, it moved in such a way I had never seen before! Like seeing it in action blew my mind. How did I not know this thing even existed?

I did hardly any research or “fake shopping” even, I was too busy working at my job in Banking. I wasn’t even sure when I went to register for my Baby Shower, what wanted. When they provided me with a scanner gun I went a little nuts in the Textile area but I just chose the reasonably priced swing without testing it or reading product reviews.

  • So it moves up, down, side-to-side, it sways your baby to sleep as if baby was still inside your womb.
  • It has “5 Unique Motions” like “In the Car” or “In The Ocean,”
  • You can even plug your phone in for a customized “Baby Only” playlist because it has SPEAKERS BUILT IN.

It was just terrible feeling this way, like I NEEDED her to like this thing because it was so expensive therefore better than my first choice. According to the reviews, it was supposedly the best thing out there.

I also did not want my husband, (who was against this purchase) to have a smug satisfaction of being “right.”

I am going to blame my declining hormones for this one though as I am typically NEVER like that materialistic. Motherhood really revved up my urge to spend money but not on myself.

Shocker…..But then guess what?

She never took to liking the Mamaroo, preferring her swing and I ended up selling it after 2 months on a Mom Group for…..$120.00. Yes you read that correctly. A 34% loss discount on something I bought only two months prior, very impulsively because somebody else had one and I was jealous of her sleeping baby angel. A few months later, I learned she too sold her Mamaroo because after the sleepy newborn phase wore off, he decided he hated his too.

YOU ASK: “How come things like that depreciated so quickly after just 2 months of owning it, barely used?”

ME: Well…When there are around 100 other ladies selling their own Mamaroo online, Supply vs. Demand Laws kicked in and kicked my ass.



I had received the Fisher Price Cradle Swing as a Baby Shower gift after adding it to my Baby Shower registry.

Always go with your first choice, your first instinct…”

– They say….whoever “they” are.

This swing is very “basic” as the Millennials Say but still has several features babies and parents will love:

  • 2 swing motions (no one needs 5) and 6 speed settings, 3 adjustable seat positions
  • Entire swing is washable and easy to put back together
  • Easy to assemble, with legs that fold for room-to-room portability and storage (the Mamaroo does not “fold,” you have to take it apart)
  • It plays nature sounds! Waterfalls, crickets, birds, etc. And it’s cute with it’s animal mobile unlike the ugly 3 testicle-looking balls the Mamaroo comes with.

  • It doesn’t have to be this exact swing but please, don’t spend too much, it is not worth it.Check our your local Facebook Mom Buy/Sell Groups but make sure you ask if they have pets because they may have a cat that sleeps in it like mine does. Just look at him though, he loves it:

PHOTO CAPTION: He literally gets away with should see our lawn. Relax, baby doesn’t use it any more and it is washable! He likes the low setting and cricket noises.

Newborn Sleep Solutions:


DockATot $350 and/or Halo Swivel Sleeper $299.99

I’ll confess; I really wanted one of these for our 2nd baby. I even ordered a Dock A Tot before cancelling it because I knew my husband would freak out over the prices. Even though we had a FISHER PRICE PACK AND PLAY BASSINET, We ended up borrowing his sisters bassinet (which we never used aside from throwing our clothes on it – thank you anyway ❤️)

I still see why the DocATot is appealing: it isn’t massive, it’s washable and neatly lays between you and your husband for co-sleeping.

The Halo Swivel Sleeper was equally appealing:

  • you don’t have to get out of bed to feed your baby (only if you are breastfeeding or you have a fridge/microwave in your room….)
  • Even though this thing is massive, the “storage caddy and soothing centre” are considered to be “game changers” in newborn sleep solutions according to reviews and their website.


A DAMN good Reclining Chair like this one by Dutailier available at Snuggle Bugz:


PHOTO CAPTION: We love our pets and are very careful with the baby and the cats. I vacuum every day and my kids constantly have fur stuck on them from face plant hugs.

This chair was a floor model so we ended up getting it for a 50% discount. That doesn’t mean it was cheap – it was really one of our biggest expenses. However, Dutailier makes their products right here in Canada and they are built to last. Of course both kids have thrown up on it but stains come right out of the fabric. I hope we can put it in our bedroom one day but for now we use it daily/nightly. When baby was 0-3 months old, she slept on my chest. I spent in our Living Room on a chaise couch as to not wake Caterina with all of the baby noise.

Let’s be honest – newborns dont want to sleep in a bassinet, they want to sleep on the host who carried, fed and kept them warm for 10 months. They sleep better and longer on your skin, along with many other benefits.

My mother gave me shit for it and so did my husband but I don’t care. I have felt a bond so close with them. If I didn’t sleep again just to have those feelings, I’d do it all over again. < strong>Co-Sleeping is: FREE, regulates hormones and temperature for both mother and baby,enhances breast milk production (also free!) and I just prefer the arrangement of sleeping with my baby over anything else.

Crib, Toddler Bed and Big Girl Bed:

PHOTO CAPTION: “No Cats in the crib! Just little Adriana poking her head up!”

So, This is our beautiful crib which has kept my babies comfortable and confined. It was silly to pay over $1000 for JUST the CRIB. At the time, it felt reasonable to pay what we did.

However, in all fairness, it was actually a gift from my Mom and Step-Dad.It was a good brand known for durability and safety. It looked pretty nice and it had a matching dresser! For $900…..

During our first year as parents, we did everything we could to ease our baby’s teething pain but she preferred to naw on the side of her crib for relief on that expensive crib.

Exhibit A: teeth marks:

If you are looking for something inexpensive but durable and stylish, then I recommend checking out IKEA Baby:

If we could to do it all over again and find a crib that had storage, We could have bought this very similar crib from Ikea for $249.We swear by IKEA now that we have kids especially their Couches which are washable. The crib we had bought converted into a Toddler Bed which we used for like 2 months because another baby was coming.

Since we needed this crib, we bought a bed, dresser and floating book shelfs to create a “Big Girl Room.” using furniture from the HEMNES Line at IKEA Click here for all of their HEMNES products you see here:

What are some of your biggest purchasing regrets? I’d love to hear your comments and stories! Email angela@mommythebanker, IG: @mommythebanker or comments below.

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8 thoughts on “My (ridiculous) Phobia’s and Spending Money on Baby Stuff

Add yours

  1. I HAVE THE WORST Misophonia! Oh God, it’s this hot boiling murderous rage at soft palette sounds. It even applies to animals, when I hear a dog licking himself I just feel like someone lit me on fire. I have it so bad, I cant believe other people arent even slightly annoyed by loud descriptive chewing lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a pretty funny article . Your cat is hilarious 😂 sooo cute. I was very lucky that I did not have to buy any of those things for babies since my husband works in the junk removal business and it’s amazing how many beautiful brand new things people dispose of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! He is a good kitten. We have two and a dog. I’m sure you will hear more about them soon. Follow me on IG to see more funny pics of their shenanigans!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Loved this one as we are new parents and totally know what you meant about all the stuff targeted specifically for us because it is advertised as the “best” and we all want what’s ” best”. Luckily for us we borrowed many of the chairs (ie/ the Nuna leaf, mama Roo and now the very fisher price swing you stated)! Thank GOD cause the leaf she only enjoyed for about a month, the mama Roo barely. I couldn’t agree more with you about the mama-Roo. So glad we borrowed it and did not get one out of our own pocket!! For all the feature it has, Avery just did not love it. The swing though has been a dream!

    Also- the docatot was the BEST investment we made babywise. She has used it since day one and the portable factor is unreal- going to a friends, being downstairs, travelling across the country (fit in a suitcase) and has provided the same comfort she had at home- she loves it and we love it! So that is the one item that yes, although pricey, I would absolutely recommend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh I wanted one sooooo bad but my husband wouldn’t let me. Happy to hear someone is enjoying it!!
      Yes the Mamaroo….all about the branding girl! Do you not agree those mobile “balls” look funny tho?!


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