For Gord

Listen: Sleeping Sickness by City & Colour

My favourite song, by City & Colour, has an insane cameo by Gord Downie who passed away today. I chose this song because the lyrics “haunt my soul” as he so eloquently belts out mid song.

I was going to wait awhile before telling the story of how my entire life changed one morning, just like it has for many Canadians today, but I plan on posting it later on this afternoon after edits.

My favourite concert ever was in 2005, my best friend surprised me with tickets to go see The Tragically Hip in Toronto. It was incredible…..the sound, his storytelling and the fans were going wild with energy. I’ll never forget it.

I feel so sad today….I’m sure many people do. There is nothing like waking up one morning and hearing someone you love has died.

For now, please enjoy a few of my favourite Tragically Hip songs to honour Mr. Gord Downie, may you Rest In Peace.


Ahead By a Century

Blow at High Dough


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