My Blog: Quality Vs. Quantity

Don’t you just love memes?

  • Question: Have you ever followed a Blogger for years until slowly you began realizing it wasn’t even THEM any more? Then you start to wonder, who was this person? Did I even know them at all?
  • Answer: I had 3 “go-to” blogs that I absolutely LOVED reading. Whenever I’d get the email about an update, I would actually get excited. Now I’ve un-subscribed completely to one and just creep occasionally, one went private and the other NEVER sold out and so, I still read her blog whenever possible.

Why Am I Writing This?

I am considered “old” by Internet standards; I’ve had both MSN Messenger and ICQ as my go to for Social Media in 1998.

I’ve been reading blogs for a looooong time – before they were even called Blogs. In fact, many moons ago, girls would register domain names like and if the Master liked you, you would be invited to join their world.

Google:, Live Universe, Mr. Showbiz, Vines/Zines just to get an idea…..

Read My First Post for further clarity.

There is NOTHING I dislike more than getting to know someone, loving their blog and looking forward to their posts until one day, something happens:

They stop caring and just start posting “whatever” and it usually involves a product/service/concept being pushed by a higher power and they don’t give a F as long as they get PAID.

I am still working on my epic post which I’ve put my heart and soul into, complete with old pictures, meaningful song lyrics, and of course QUALITY CONTENT, both written and visually. I feel it is always important blogs (especially my own) maintain.

Let me elaborate my feelings…..

I started feeling a little anxious today, talking to myself and asking questions like: “Should I just post something “filler?” like maybe what I ate for lunch or something?”

My original idea of posting about my weekend on Monday evolved into something bigger as I began writing (don’t you just hate that?) and I must finish it. However this takes time and effort, the kids have to be in bed and I have to really focus….there are too many details.

I don’t want to end up on Get Off My Internets one day.

READ: ‘It put me on antidepressants’: welcome to GOMI, the cruel site for female snark

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check GOMI, I highly recommend you do because ending up on there is a serious Blogger’s worst nightmare, especially if you have sensitive feelings – which I do.

There is nothing I hate more than loving a blog for a few years, then they blow up and you start to realize every post is “Sponsored” or “Endorsed.” It begins so slowly and innocently, until you don’t even know this person any more.

Signs Your Favourite Bloggers Are “Selling Out:”

  • There are NO real posts any more because this person now has to abide by sponsors
  • You feel like you are reading a Fashion Magazine because everything looks glossy and perfect
  • There are fresh flowers in every room when the Blogger takes photos of their and not a smidgen of clutter
  • Usually the Blogger will PAY someone for their Blog Design. That costs money….
  • Their kids and their bedrooms look PERFECT. No snot, no drool, nada….just send them a modelling contract please!
  • No Swearing, no TMI’s, no humour
  • Depending on how long the Blog has been around for, you will notice two types of commenters: Friends and haters
  • Speaking of Haters: said Blogger will talk endlessly about how many haters she has and how “unfair” that is.
  • Said Blogger ALWAYS looks good with perfect hair and makeup, expensive clothes. I can’t relate to you, then I cannot read you.
  • Seeing product placements or brand shoutouts, then you scroll down and see the words: “Sponsored Post….but these are my opinions!”
  • No real life problems aside from the 1st world ones
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes, no candidness or off the cuff remarks

This is why I love this damn blog: DGGYST:

  • She knows what she is talking about. Said Blogger is at a crossroad when it comes to “blowing up.” I like how she doesn’t tip toe around and try to be sneaky.

READ HER POST: “So, You Want a Blogging Tip?”

  • She doesn’t want to “sell out” but at the same time, she does want some recognition for the amazing content she produces. She admits this freely, I respect that.
  • She recognizes the paradox of pushing sponsored content. It is great until it isn’t, she recognizes what happens.
  • She is very intellectual but clearly hasn’t had a silver spoon shoved in her mouth either.

READ DGGYST: Your Wedding Your Money

That alone, it will be interesting to watch, which direction to go? MiFree shit or Blogging without any purpose aside from entertaining herself and her followers.


Another Fine Example:

Heather Armstrong: Dooce has been mentioned several times on GOMI – Dooce Returns to Blogging (some are valid reasons, some are not) for being a sell-out after having massive success on her blog. She has gone back to her roots lately and I am back to loving her blog. She was not in my Favourites on my iPad for awhile, and that made me sad. Her blog was full of ads and sponsored posts, shilling whatever and so, I stopped reading. I couldn’t relate to her any more.

Me, Myself and my Blog….

I am not worried….I have like 100 readers MAYBE if I am lucky and that’s only if I get a friend to post something she read on here to her own page. I highly doubt Proctor and Gamble will be coming to me any time soon.

I do give a F about my content however which is why I haven’t posted what I am working on yet, which is also why you may not hear from me on here for another few days.

I care about my readers. I want you to come here, read what I’ve written, get the “feels” and then come back over and over because I make you FEEL something.

Just so we understand each other….

  • I don’t want you to buy a shirt I am wearing for $60 unless it’s really an amazing buy and I got it on sale or as a gift.
  • I doubt you will ever “Read about my Day” from 5:45 am until Bedtime. You don’t need to know what I ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you do, email me.
  • Take fake ass pictures of my kids all dressed up, with me in those pics also dressed up for no reason other than taking some pictures to show off all the crap we don’t need.

Am I missing anything?

Let me know what else grinds your gears?

You tell me your blogger grievances!

Anyway – I just pretended I had to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes so I could hide from my family and write this all to you. I am being yelled at now so I must go.

The post I have been working so hard on should be up tomorrow and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Have a wonderful Tuesday ❤️

14 thoughts on “My Blog: Quality Vs. Quantity

  1. Miss A says:

    Followed a bunch of blogs for a long time and has also stopped when they got “too big” (if that’s the case not sure). You can tell when they are bound to sponsored and agreed to two or three posts a day which a totally useless and boring to read. I’m not trying to create a high quality blog for others in any way. I’m just having fun but I do admire people that work hard, like you, and manage to catch my attention. I hardly read any long posts as my brain is disturbed like that. (Same with emails at work – my co-worker know I have the attention span of a goldfish). So well done you and and I agree on the recommendation of DGGYT.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mommythebanker says:

      Aw thanks Miss A – great commentary! I agree with you completely – it’s just boring to read and so obvious what their true intentions are. This one blog in particular, she used to be so popular and her posts were real. She had so many followers and comments but now it’s dwindled to like nothing….is it wrong I get a weird satisfaction out of that misfortune lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrea says:

    I honestly think you’re one of those bloggers that puts a lot of time in your blog.
    I always look forward for your uploads.! 💪
    And this exactly because you don’t post “what did my day look like” – crap.
    I’ll be honest, I do enjoy recignition by means of followers. And if by any means blogging could become my fulltime job with solid income, I’d do it.
    I think sponsors are only possible with fashion or make up. And I don’t care about neither of those 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ouroddspring says:

    Honest and refreshing! I’m new to blogging. I love it. I have a lot of ideas on where to take my blog. However none of those ideas involves “blowing up.” I want to help people. I want to write notes for my kids to read in the future. I want new mommy’s to come to my blog for true advice and recommendations that have helped me survive. I want to inspire and motivate people. I want to make people laugh and relate to what I’ve said. But first, I need to work on my content and material. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DGGYST says:

    Ah honey! How did I miss this one? Thank you so much for your kind words and the shout out ❤❤❤This was actually fantastic for me to read because I have been struggling through writing a post about affiliate marketing. I feel very strongly about (women especially) unapologetically supporting them and theirs, while simultaneously hating the shit we all hate: that “phony, buy this” crap. I feel more steered in the right direction, so thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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