Vaccination Smack

Mommy Knows Best?” Or “Doctor’s Orders?”

Update on Oct 29/2017:

After sharing my post on a Facebook Mom Group, I was attacked for this post without half of the posters even reading my post about my recent experience at the Dr office….very upsetting.


If you actually take the time to read this blog post, you will realize comments like these below; make NO fucking sense because I didn’t write what you ASSUMED I wrote:

  • “You are the reason diseases come back.”
  • “There is NO correlation between autism and vaccinations…you don’t know what you are talking about”
  • “Your “research” isn’t credible”
  • You are a “fucking idiot”

I stand by my post. I know which sources I used and the support I have trumps the “sheep” who followed each other to bully me because I wanted to share my EXPERIENCE not just my OPINION.

Thanks to my supporters:

Thank you to the ladies who have reached out privately (out of fear of being attacked themselves) to tell me how they felt and to show me some support:

“We teach our kids not to bully but we as adults bully and get bullied over our opinions pretty sad.” – CA

“I was very tempted to drop all my info that I’ve collected over the last seven years, peered reviewed studies, links directly from cdc etc. But it was too late, the post was deleted. After what happened to my son I literally put every waking hour researching all the ingredients in vaccines and how they affect the brain etc. I was so happy when I saw your post because although I’m sure there are many other parents with same opinions, they fear sharing them publicly. They either get attacked or their opinions are removed.” – ND

“We’ve experienced the bad side of vaccines so I fully understand and at this point I’ve probably done more research than more Family drs. I get attacked constantly for telling my story about what happened to my son. Most of the people’s comments on your post just accentuates the sheep mentally. Most people didn’t even read the headline correctly let alone the actual post before attacking so it would be tough to expect them to do any research beyond what they’re are told by drs. And health officials.” – LD

For the record: I do vaccinate. I don’t believe herd immunity is enough and I don’t think vaccinations alone cause autism.

The small blowback I got from these women means nothing especially since one in particular refused to even read this post because “she didn’t want to give me traffic or benefit” when we all know this blog isn’t for financial gain. I know who my supporters are and they actually take the time to READ BEFORE COMMENTING.

Thank you.

Today my 7 month old daughter had some vaccinations, Vaccinations I CHOSE.

I chose to delay by 6 months before starting and this post will hopefully explain why.

If you choose to do this, you need to know your stuff because you will be made to feel like an idiot otherwise.

When I had my first child, I wasn’t informed enough on what exactly she would be vaccinated against. I assumed she would receive the same line of defence my husband and I received 30 years ago.

I wouldn’t call myself ignorant or naive but I trusted my Doctors Advice up until I had my first baby. The experiences I had while pregnant, then the birth and afterwards when my daughter was hospitalized, pretty much changed my entire way of thinking when it came to our health.

At First, I was under the impression you MUST do exactly what the Doctor tells you to do, including all of the vaccinations. Before going to our 2 month newborn baby appointment, I had begun researching vaccinations because the last thing I wanted to happen would be sounding like I am against vaccinations or embarrassing myself because I didn’t know what I was talking about.

In our first appointment when baby was like a week old, I had asked for a list of what exactly they would be inoculating against and which of those were mandatory for school.

My questions were met with assumptions like:

Are you NOT going to Vaccinate?

or blanket statements:

Vaccinations have been proven to be safe.”


Let’s go over this list of vaccinations together so you fully understand what I am going to be doing/giving your baby.”


“Sure Dr. I know how YOU feel, but you aren’t answering the question I was asking. I wasn’t asking for your unsolicited advice.

I wanted a list of exactly which antigens you would be pumping into my precious newborn baby. “

Does this sound familiar to you or is it just my Dr?

It is very important to educate yourself and I don’t mean go on Google and read “AntiVax” blogs or Autism/MMR- Vaccination propaganda. I mean actually RESEARCH and that requires a lot of time and effort.

The “Delayed” Vaccination Schedule:

One solid piece of information I came across was this from the The Western Canada Immunization Forum. If you take the time to read this, you will notice there are two accepted delayed vaccination schedules. The most common being The Dr. Bob Sears Schedule & An Alternative Vaccination Schedule From Dr. Donald Miller.

I highly recommend reading both if you are interested in a delayed schedule. These sources are non-biased and offer a holistic view of vaccinations, delaying them and what research has been done.

I have created my own hybrid because DR. Miller suggests waiting 2 years before vaccinations begin whereas Dr. Sears recommends starting earlier, but both agree the amount of vaccinations Doctors push now are a bit absurd.

What We Did:

  • We only vaccinated against the diseases listed in the 1983 column which is what my husband and I would have received as babies.
  • We delayed both children until they were 6 months old before beginning these vaccinations.
  • My oldest child did not receive her MMR (12 month shots) until she was 2.
  • Neither child will receive the Flu Shot or Chicken Pox vaccination. Some schools require the Chicken Pox vaccination unless you sign a letter which we did.
  • No Live Cultures, meaning no Dtap vax as this is an example of a live culture vaccination
  • Neither child will receive Gardisil from my decision. I hope with the right sexual education coming from both parents, we can avoid HPV that way but I will let them make the final decision when they are ready to become sexually active.

But Why Delay?

Both of my daughters were born with lung issues due to Precipitous Labour with both daughters and my 2nd child was born 4 weeks preterm.

Both were given antibiotics at birth (against my wishes, both times were preventative not necessary) and I didn’t want to inject them with any more drugs for a few months.

Babies are exposed to thousands of bacterial strains when they are born, just from the vaginal canal alone. The Immunity they can develop from that exposure eliminates the need to inoculate against EVERYTHING we think they need to be protected against.


These reasons drove my desire to wait, to allow their bodies to heal before injecting them with antigens. Other than those factors, there were no medical reasons other than our personal preference and the desire to follow another method, a delayed schedule.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to health.

READ: 8 Reasons to Delay –

Doctors & Nurses: “Do you think Vaccinations cause Autism?”

I was asked this by my Doctor once in a very condescending way. I don’t have a concrete answer on that one, so I am going to say:

NO, I don’t believe vaccinations alone cause Autism and I also think Jenny McCarthy did some serious damage suggesting so.

That being said, it is important to research the Risks, not the Cause:

This chart outlines the introduction of the Chicken Pox and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations in 1995.


  • The Blue Line represents Autism cases from the introduction of those vaccinations.
  • These vaccinations are done around the age of 1 (hence why we waited until she was 2 for MMR) and we avoided the Chicken Pox one all together.

Final Thoughts:

It is important to do your OWN research for your child.

Delaying our vaccinations has been a personal choice. There is no exact, proven science to show any benefits other than us wanting to wait.

If you read the articles I linked about the two delayed schedules, those Doctors will tell you why they believe it is helpful to delay but also why it is important to vaccinate – they advise on both sides of the argument.

We live under a Capitalist economy therefore no one can truly gauge the motives of our Medical Community which includes Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our health care system is profit driven, where the main goal is to make money off you, when you are healthy or if you are sick, it’s just the reality of life.

When I told my Dr about my plans to Delay and referenced the Donald Miller Schedule, she replied in a condescending way and this was our conversation:

Hmmmm never heard of him, I wonder what his credentials are?”

  • ME to Family Doctor:

Well, he is a Harvard & Dartmouth Medical School graduate and has been studying this method for decades….can I email you his info?”

  • Family Doctor:

I don’t have an email for my patients.”

My children’s lives are too important to me. I am not even afraid of Autism, I would embrace my child if she were ever diagnosed in the spectrum because she is MY baby.

While pregnant, I declined all testing for Downs Syndrome because it wouldn’t have mattered, they are my babies and I love them no matter what.

That being said, you cannot rely on Herd Immunity either if you choose not to vaccinate at all which is why we chose to inoculate only with the vaccines we received as babies or children. That is our right, our choice.

How Does Herd Immunity Work?

My Advice to You:

I say; don’t walk into the Dr’s office with your beautiful, perfect newborn under a false sense of security because you think this person knows better than you since they have a $100k Degree on their wall.

It is VERY rare for a Doctor to outline the risks involved when you vaccinate, they usually try to scare you by telling you all of the risks if you DO NOT vaccinate the minute they tell you to.

That is not right.

It is your right to question WHY does this Doctor recommend vaccinating your child against almost EVERYTHING from Polio, Measles to the Flu, HPV and Chicken Pox?

Love your child, empower yourself and use that power right in your own hands to determine what is right for your family before injecting 36-38 different vaccinations into the blood stream of your baby.

I highly recommend reading these articles as well:

It’s some good reading and explains how one of the biggest health crises; Polio, was irradiated and the vaccine creator never made a penny from it:

18 thoughts on “Vaccination Smack

  1. DGGYST says:

    I’m glad you vaccinated your child, and I am glad that you are not a sheep. The fact of the matter is, we live in an amazing time of advanced medicine and technology and we are so lucky. But we still need to do what feels right for us and ours

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Valerie says:

    We delay as well. There is NO WAY I’m walking out of an appointment having allowed four shots (of 10-12 vaccines) to be administered into my baby’s/child’s thighs. Even two is a lot. It’s interesting how my kids’ pediatrician/nurses respond; they say that my child is due to have such-and-such or that my child is overdue, but when I tell them what I will allow at each visit, they are FINE with my choices, so why say due and overdue? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      • Valerie says:

        Well, we basically do two each visit starting at two months, but we skip the rotavirus one altogether because a) there are some scary complications possible from it, and b) my kids aren’t in daycare which is where they are more likely to catch stomach bugs, and c) I breastfeed which lowers the rate of tummy issues in and of itself.
        We also don’t do flu shots when they’re little and we sure don’t do shots that relate to STDs when they’re older (my oldest two are 17 and 13) because they are not sexually active.
        I’ve thought about why the chicken pox one is even required…i remember having it and it was no big deal??
        I just really don’t like how long the list of vaccines is getting although I am EXTREMELY thankful for the protection! My grandfather had polio as a child and it affected him for his entire life. 😦 But I do wonder which ones are truly necessary and which are kept going for little to no reason. :/

        Liked by 1 person

      • mommythebanker says:

        Wow we are totally on the same page, I love it! Thanks for sharing.
        I grew up in a generation where Chicken Pox was a rite of passage. I don’t think we need to vaccinate against every little thing, it reminds me of the movie I am Legend
        Omg my grandma had POLIO!! That is so insane how we have that in common. The man who created the vaccine did not want any compensation. I mentioned that because of her.

        Liked by 2 people

      • mommythebanker says:

        Polio was so much bigger than we realize….the months kids spent in an iron lung, the race to find a cure, the fact the creator didn’t sell his vaccine to get rich. My grandma had no mobility in her legs at all, very weak. She also had a horrible cough for the rest of her life.


  3. ouroddspring says:

    I agree with you about researching. It’s our duty to protect our children and that means we shouldn’t blindly trust everything. I think the last several decades families put their faith in doctors and government agencies without a second thought because they didn’t have the capability to question everything and find answers readily available. I think we are lucky to be able to research easily. Same thing goes for circumcising. We must stop doing things because it’s the norm and question things and research and then made the best decision for our family. I think this same logic goes for so many aspects… our food, water (Flint water crisis), medicine, the list goes on. I wish I could say it’s reasonable for us to trust our government. I think a lot of this stems from the people we put in place. Shady. Money hungry. Selfish. Sorry now I may be venting…

    Liked by 1 person

    • mommythebanker says:

      Vent away! You make some really good arguements especially about the Flint Water Crisis. We live in a society of consumption, consumerism and capitalism….nothing is off limits. I’m glad there are people like you who see this for what it is and in the words of DGGYST: we are not sheep.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sustainable Jewel says:

    I agree that we do not have to vaccinate against everything. I have spaced out and delayed as well. I have a friend that is totally against vaccines and she said that one of the side effects of the MMR is autism. It was written on the Little paper that comes with it. But after so many lawsuits they decided to remove that from the paper.

    Liked by 1 person

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