Disappearing Act

Sorry boys and girls – I keep flip flopping back between Hidden and Public.

There is a good reason for it which will be discussed soon – I am going back to work. Just waiting for the official letter.

With that comes background checks and what not and I keep questioning myself and my content. I have lots of friends who read my blog and a lot of those friends are people I’ve met along the way in my career. They love it – so why shouldn’t the person doing a background check?

I think one of the biggest challenges when you are a Banker is that some people hold you to some higher standard. I liken myself to a Female Doctor, like a Gynaecology. “Seen one, seen them all.” Nothing can really shock me.

With that comes the human level: I am just like you. I am not perfect, rich or poor but right in the middle of it all.

Anyway – whomever reads this please know I intend to fight for this blog as I love it but I’ve been doubting myself lately.

Look at my dog and cat. Wish I could snuggle in with these guys but they wouldn’t have it. Best friends for life:

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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