November Melancholy

I hate the cold winter. I really do, it’s just so awful.

Right around Late September, until the Spring, it’s always the same shit. Up and down like a yo-yo. This is one of the reasons I enjoy working so much because I can go to work and forget about the coldness outside and just BE.

I don’t have to worry about trucking my kids outside in the snow because that’s what daycare is for. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing outside with my kids but I let my spouse do the dirty work of pulling the sled around and all I need to do is apply the many layers of clothing so my child doesn’t freeze.

Last winter my husband was away a lot so I had to take over and I was like 33 weeks pregnant, it had just snowed 5 inches or something and I hear my kid: “I wanna go outside! Pull me in the sled!”

Ugh really….can’t we do this? Or that?

Nope. Girl knows what she wants as she brings me her boots. She also hates wearing gloves so that is always a battle. If you don’t get them dressed quick enough, they get really hot inside and have meltdowns which sets the tone for the entire experience.

She wants to be outside in the snow, sled around and be a kid!

This video is one of my favourites.

It will also show you the trials of having kids who want to play outside and don’t want to stay properly dressed:

Kid, Dog, Snow & Sled:

Needless to say, I find these rites of passages in Parenthood to be difficult and annoying because I hate the cold but….

I chose to have them so I have to suck it up and do whatever it takes to make the experience happy and enjoyable.

Personally, I would rather promote outdoor play versus shoving an IPad in her face so I do what I need to do.

So now I have two kids…..

Two kids to dress for the winter and make sure they are properly clothed, but not OVERLY clothed where they don’t fit into the car seat, burn up and meltdown because THEY WILL!

Here are some of my survival tips for Winter and how to handle your kids bugging you to play outside when you just wanna “Netflix and Chill:


  • Invest in QUALITY, easy to put on boots like ones from Pajar: these are Canadian Made but available through Amazon for my American friends
  • These ones below are called “Alexia” by Pajar. Yes, they are $80 but read my advice below on how to make this cost effective and last TWO seasons not ONE.


  • Cheap boots leak and fall apart, then you have to go out and try to find new ones. I made this mistake and I ended up spending $100 anyway between getting her quality pair and the two cheapie pairs.
  • Buy a size bigger than normal and use thicker socks so they last two seasons.
  • These will set you back a bit but whatever, if you take my advice you can justify the cost because they should fit for two seasons.
  • Try to avoid laces; go for the slip ons.
  • If your kid isn’t walking; they don’t need boots. Read below for tips for babies who aren’t walking.
  • IMO: Boots are questionable – if they don’t walk, they don’t need boots.


Hats & Gloves are the BIGGEST pain in the ass. I hate them, my kids hate them, it is always a fight. They get wet and smelly but they need them. Just make sure it is the LAST THING you put on the kid.

For milder days;

I say go with something like this: a knitted hat or a hat/neck combo made out of Wool that does NOT itch or you will regret it.

For Cold as F Days:

I say go all out and get the whole face and neck covered with this fleece one for $8 at Joe Fresh.

This thing, along with the hood on your kids coat you are supposed to use, they will be toasty warm and avoid windburn to their delicate faces

Google “Chapped Lips Clown Face”

For Babies: I love these ones by KOMBI Kids. No need to worry about which finger goes where, kid can still grab stuff and they don’t get wet and smelly.

For Ages 1 and Up:

Two Pack Carters $5 – two pairs, boys and girl styles for mild days

For Freezing Your Butt Off Days:

KOMBI Kids $33 – cute, stylish and they will last for at least 2 seasons!

Mommy the Banker Says:

  • If you find a good deal on great gloves, buy two pairs: one for now and one for next winter.
  • Do this as early as possible before the first snowfall otherwise you will learn the hard way like I did and end up spending $69.99 on a POS pair of Microfibre ones that don’t fit or work well for kids.


As tempting as it is to buy those cute sets you see at stores that come with snow pants or they are a one piece, they are super annoying to put on, you cannot use them in a car seat and your child will burn up and flip out.

Make your life easier and invest in a simple pair of these; half snow pant, half slush pant, suitable for minus 20 degree winter weather and the car seat.

Mommy the Banker Says:

  • As tempting as it is to drop $100-200 on that cute Gap Kids snowsuit, it will be worn for one season and once spring comes, you will regret having such a bulky snowsuit.
  • You can find these anywhere but they also go quick. September is the best month to start planning all of this winter wardrobe stuff.
  • Kids hate bulk, parents hate wasting money so again, do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of these and have them match your kids winter coat.
  • They look thin but looks can be deceiving and if you are so concerned, slap on a pair of long johns.

The Snowsuit/Winter Coat:

If you cannot tell already, I am a huge fan of mix and match for various reasons but mainly economical ones and comfort for my child who goes insane if she’s all ready to go and “feels hot.”

This is my daughters current winter coat. It was a birthday present as she gets a new winter coat every Birthday from Meme (Grandma) and so it doesn’t matter how much she spends, it’s a tradition and my daughter LOVES it.

If possible, try to do this with your family? Kids need winter gear and September is actually the perfect time to buy for selection, styles and prices!

FOR BABY: I have this one; it is car seat safe, cute and won’t burn your child up while in the car. It was also $20.

I’ve said this before: kids are more likely to overheat then freeze!

For a child under 8 months who probably won’t play in the snow;

All you need is an outfit for “transportation” so get this from for $18-30.

Do NOT buy a full blown snowsuit unless your kid goes outside to play everyday at daycare and it’s a must.

If you are a SAHM and just want to go for walks or car rides; this will work perfectly.

Mommy The Banker Says:

  • For kids under 1 year, not walking or attending daycare: try to borrow or buy stuff second hand.
  • There are TONS of cute stuff out there but trust me, it won’t be worn the way you think it will and you will feel so guilty for spending the money.
  • For older kids; getting their new winter coat in the Late Summer/early Fall may seem weird but it’s really NOT.
  • It saves you money, saves the kid from wasteful toys and actually serves a purpose plus it gets them excited about Winter coming. (yay winter!)


  • Invest in a REALLY GOOD Chapstick. The EOS Brand or even the regular Chapstick for $1 will do but make sure it’s always handy. Trust me: you want avoid “Clown Face:

  • Talk to other Mom’s with kids; do some Winter Clothing Swaps! I have a 3 year old girl this year, you have one next year? Perfect, let’s swap.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of always needing new things: unless you want to have the most fashion forward child, I suggest getting family members on your bandwagon. This means starting a tradition of buying gifts kids NEED and making them look cool. This can be done if everyone is onboard!
  • Donate the stuff you don’t need: there is always a family of kids out there who need warm winter gear. I especially like to donate to Women’s Shelters; find your own group and trust me, you will feel good plus you get a donation tax receipt. If you just go and dump in a bin, who knows where it goes.
  • Remember! It’s only one season…..there is no reason to spend $100’s to outfit your child for winter.
  • Your toddler doesn’t need a $30 scarf from wherever unless you have that financial ability, go nuts otherwise don’t be upset when it is lost or stolen by another parent at daycare! (true story)

Just remember – I know;

I’ve been there,

We have all made “First time mom mistakes!”

8 thoughts on “November Melancholy

  1. Sustainable Jewel says:

    I’m glad that a Canadian doesn’t like winter as much as I don’t like winter LOL. Thank you for the tips. I will look into the boots see how I can find it cheaper . I feel the same way also about iPads. I will sacrifice and play in the cold for an hour just to avoid the freaking electronics even if it’s just for an hour.

    Liked by 1 person

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