So….Are You Ready to SHAVE Your Body?

You know what I mean…..

Legs, Underarms, Arms, Feet, Belly Button and all below?

I admit to all of the above because I am an obsessive “Self-Tanner” slave to the one and only…..tried and tested…..dun dun dun:


This has been my tried, tested and much loved self-tanner for like 5 years.

Any one who has asked me in public, or my besties, clients and colleagues hear all about how much I love it and use it all over my face, neck and body.

I am asked constantly about how I maintain such a “Glow” because I guess it is weird to live in cold Canada and have a bit of a tan?

Does this sound to good to be true? I’ll agree:

It is a process, I won’t lie. That and time consuming but it really isn’t that hard to do if you make the time, hence why I call it my ritual! Plus you save $$ doing it this way vs. Spray Tanning.

I have a “glow” but still most people say I look tired all the time….another version of “You look like shit!”

Tired but “glowy.”

I am extremely fair skinned (Ok I am naturally sickly pale) especially in the winter. I’ve tried so many products and refuse to actually tan, especially my face because of my many moles and a case of Sun Poisoning in 1993.

Ugh my legs are the worst, poor things only see 3 month of actual, decent sun and Vitamin D but I still don’t use this product every day because then I would be orange.

I actually use Vichy LIFTACTIV SUPREME Daily on my face & neck every day.

This will set you back $60 at Sephora but for me, it’s investing in my face so I don’t need injections down the road.

Work, two kiddo’s, marriage, mortgage, etc. have weathered me down a bit, but for now, I’ll stick to the cream.

My Ritual:

Self Tanner: “Full Body Application:”

I soak in a bath for like 40 minutes before shaving every part of my body except for my face, neck and back (for now thankfully! Never know.)

Unfortunately I cannot afford a Lush Bathbomb for $8 every day but if I could:

I’d recommend The Sex Bomb because it is the best:

Anyway, I soak and begin shaving with a razor by Gillette; Venus – really any brand will do as long as you change your blades.

This process does not have to be Time Consuming: I usually do this about 2 times a week but I wouldn’t recommend doing it every day as you will end up looking orange and may get razor burn!

I use a single razor 4 times then toss the blade.

It is the only way to get a good shave without any nasty bumps or red marks.

Exfoliation Process…..

Here are two Hair Exfoliators I Love:

Yes – it is true!


  • Or for $30, you can step it up a notch with this product, available at Sephora:

The Shave……

I am not big on using Shave Cream, I don’t even own a can. I prefer to use Conditioner like my own hair conditioner or Dove Soap for down there.

Depending on how dedicated you are to self tanning, then you must commit to having a hair free body (minus the face – once you go there, no going back) and for me, this also included shaving my arms.

Yes, I’ve been shaving my blonde-haired arms for several years and it always grows back in blonde!

I usually shave my arms twice a week but only if I am “self-tanning.”

Wanna Shave Your Face?

Then go see this make-up Queen who swears by it. She feels only a “hair free” face can give you flawless results. Again, huge commitment but she makes it look easy.


You should begin applying right after you dry off, and dry yourself off extremely well.

Your skin will continue to exfoliate when you use the towel – kind of gross.

BUT here is my post on my Laundry OCD if you want tips on your laundry too!

You must also wash your hands with hot water after applying; especially your finger nails and the insides of your fingers to avoid orange hands. I will stop in between my upper and lower body to wash my hands.

If you have really dry skin, coat your finger nails and hands/calloused spots in Vaseline or something heavy to avoid staining.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried so many products it’s insane. I found with the Vichy Cream, because it is Milk Based, it doesn’t irritate my skin or leave little brown dots of clogged pores. I use it from my forehead to my feet!

It is small bottle but mighty in strength (you could look like an Oompa Loompa if used every day!) as it is a thick, white cream but doesn’t leave any oily residue or streaks.

My favourite feature of the product however is the smell because I hate the smell of most Self Tanning Creams – they usually smell like Tanning booths but not this one.

Pale in the morning but Tan for the Afternoon:

I did my “ritual” this morning for an afternoon baptism and here are my results:

I also use Benefit – Hoola Light Bronzer for a final touch of makeup.

Now I’d love it if someone could refer me to a post or product for under eye baggage. Baby # 2 has not been sleeping thru the night for awhile and this weekend was exhausting.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our weekend. More on my Instagram @mommythebanker

4 thoughts on “So….Are You Ready to SHAVE Your Body?

  1. Andrea says:

    I shave it all! Haha
    I don’t use any bronzers however. I di because of hygiene reasons.
    Razors are expensive though. And i had some pretty nasty experiences with cutting myself by accident ☹️


    • mommythebanker says:

      Haha I’ve been shaving ALL for a long time so I feel I’ve perfected it along the way. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes lol bronzing isn’t for everyone! Thanks for reading tho ❤️ Xo


  2. carolinatoddlertalk says:

    Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is the best isn’t it?! Good info about the self tanners- I’ll be needing it for all the holiday parties this season!


    • mommythebanker says:

      Well let me know how this works for you! Not sure if you have your own fave bronzer yet but try the Vichy one the morning of your party for the best results. Yes I LOVE HOOLA!


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