LUSH Christmas Product Reviews

I am shameless when it comes to hair, face and makeup products – I absolutely love buying stuff for ME.

If you read my last product review: “So – Are you ready to SHAVE your Body? you know how much I love self tanning but did you know….

I LOVE LUSH products too, especially bath bombs!

Anyway; today I went shopping with one of my BFF’s for our Annual Girls Christmas. This year we are doing a Bath Bomb exchange which I am super excited about but I picked up way too much stuff – granted most of it will be gifted but still.

The rationale behind my LUSH haul: I can share these things with my girls because it is all organic and natural ingredients so we get to enjoy it together.

Double win!

Things that I look for when buying expensive LUSH Products:

  • Originality: can I get it anywhere else for cheaper?
  • Scent: does the product smell good or will I end up tossing it?
  • Ingredients: my girls have extremely sensitive skin but I’ve had great luck with Lush. If it has too much citrus, I stay away.
  • Cost: I won’t pay more than $8 for a bath bomb but I did pay $20 for a 500 gram bottle of conditioner. The conditioner was worth every penny.

American Cream Hair Conditioner

$20.95 500 Gram (medium) size bottle

I can’t say enough!

This stuff is amazing….

I waited long enough to get it! I went to get it a few weeks ago but they were all sold out and now I know why:

The product delivers everything you want: non-greasy, nice finish, doesn’t wear your hair down.

The smell is insanely good, it really is. I couldn’t stop smelling my own hair and since I washed my daughters hair with it too, I couldn’t stop smelling her hair either.

Unfortunately, LUSH only makes a Conditioner version, no shampoo yet. If they made an entire line compete with body cream, I’d buy it.

I give this product a 10 out of 10.


I know right….$8 for a bath bomb?

Whatever – use it before a hot date or an important get together like a work Christmas party so you can smell amazing all night long.

I love this one but I was hesitating at first because it can be hit or miss when it comes to seasonal product but this one really does smell amazing.

It wasn’t an overpowering scent either, just right for me.

Whatever is in here leaves your skin really soft and the bath water was actually thicker from the moisturizing cream stuck inside this thing.

My daughter actually believed it was a real pear too, she would have taken a bite out of it hadn’t I stopped her.

It looked edible so watch your kids.

I rate this one a 8/10.

Santa’s Christmas Body Wash

$10 for small bottle

Nope just nope. I don’t know what LUSH was thinking for this one.

Who the F wants to smell like Cola?!

I don’t have much to write for this one because I really didn’t like the smell or the product.

My daughter liked it Because it was Pink.

Stay away or buy for your worst enemy or hated boss!

I rate this one a 1/10.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb $8

Meh. It was ok. Not worth $8.

My daughter loved it though because of the crazy colours at the end.

The scent was decent but again I expect the smell to last once you get out and this product didn’t do that.

It contains some moisturizer in it which made the water nice but other than that, I wasn’t overly impressed.

Go with the Pear or Sex Bomb if you want to smell good.

I rate this a 4/10.

The Snowman Body Bar $8

This guy looks really cute doesn’t he?

I loved him, my kids loved him and we enjoyed our bath together.

For the cost, you have to economize and take a bath together!

This little guy packs a punch in the moisture department.

So much so, my kids were slippery when I took them out of the tub. I used this guy after they left to shave my legs and I barely needed any cream afterwards.

If used wisely, like cut him in half (a no-no over here but can be done) you can squeeze two uses out.

Also a great gift for kids!

I rate this one a 9/10.

Charity Pot Cream

$9 for 50 grams

They named this one for me after this recent trip to Lush….I am accepting donations!

Good news!

This product actually does work quite well and I love it for my hands, elbows and knees.

You know, the really dry spots.

My daughter has horrible dry skin right now and I used it on her too. She loved how it didn’t feel greasy or thick once on nor did it take forever to apply.

The scent is decent as well.

Not too thin or thick, nor is it overpowering which I can appreciate since I am not allowed to wear scent to work.

I wash my hands a lot and this cream took away my red, chapped spots right away.

It’s a great idea for a stocking stuffer and 100 percent of the sales go to Charity.

I rate this one 10/10

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