Graduation Day

Here she is!

My little baby; about to go off to Kindergarten:

This was today during her Daycare Graduation Party, though she still has 2 months before going off to JK which has proven to be a bit confusing for this little one. She thinks she starts like next week!

I don’t usually order school pics. Usually, I just post the proofs -like “meh, good enough!”

However, my Mom insisted we order these ones so everyone will be getting a new picture of my kid which hasn’t happened since she was born.

For myself, it’s hard not to feel a different bond with my oldest because she is my first baby.
…or is this just me who has these feelings?

Don’t get me wrong! I love both of my kids equally.

I don’t have “a favourite” but it’s hard to believe it was just her and I for 2.5 years before the younger one came along. The days of having just one baby to look out for definitely came and went so quickly.

There was just more time to spend together without having to tend to another baby.

Now she is off to real School, all day, everyday. She will either love it or hate it because my girl march’s to the beat of her own drummer.

It’s hard to get her to sit still for long periods of time; like Dinner time for example. It is such a challenge to get her to stay seated longer than 5-10 minute intervals.

She is constantly getting up because; “I forgot something!” Or “I want more water!”

I am starting to worry it will become an issue at School although at Daycare I’m told she is a total angel. I guess it’s true kids behave the worst for their parents.

On a personal note, I am feeling extremely tired these days and worn down.

The Summer heat didn’t help matters the other day while walking home from the park. I had a god awful dizzy/nausea spell.

A girlfriend of mine had Sun Stroke once while pregnant so maybe it was that? The episode lasted for about ten minutes and I had to lean over the kids wagon to regain composure.

My cell phone had died (what else is new) so I couldn’t call anyone. We had been at the park almost all day for a picnic while on a Play Date.

Thankfully it passed and I was able to walk home albeit slowly and both kids were crying. Some days, motherhood can suck the life out of you (literally) while other days are just amazing.

I’d love to hear from my readers on how they relax and take time for themselves?

Do you read a book? Take a nap? Do yoga?

Let me know in the comments section!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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