Jerry Maguire

So today I am going to do a different kind of blog post.

This was all inspired after listening to Bruce Springsteen – “Secret Garden” (yes, it’s on my IPhone playlist). Not only do I love this classic song, it’s from one of my favourite movies of all time:

The best 1996 movie “Jerry Maguire” starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger:

Yes, I spent the time to make this on Instagram Layout so you can see the amazing ratings this movie got.

I am not going to fully summarize the movie for you because most have probably seen it by now. However if you have not; I suggest you do.

Anyway, my question to everyone today who has seen the movie isn’t a difficult one to answer.

I think everyone remembers when they saw this movie. I’d like to go back and reminisce a bit about where I was, who I was with, the context surrounding this event and the year of course.

“Where were you when you saw this movie for the first time?”

I actually saw this movie 22 years ago on New Year’s Eve 1996.It was December 31, 1996 and I was with my best friend, Lisa and my family which included my two younger brothers who would’ve been like 9 and 7. My Mom’s best friends, who I call; “Auntie and Uncle” were also at the theatre with their 7 year old son.

I, myself was just 12 years old when I saw this movie IN THEATRES on that NYE. I don’t think my mother realized what kind of movie Jerry Maguire was.

She probably thought “It’s just another Tom Cruise movie! It’s fine!”

What’s funny about this story is that my mom didn’t even go to the movie with us. She took my younger brother with her to see Michaelstarring John Travolta:

Anyone who has seen Jerry Maguire knows what the first 10 minutes of the movie entails:

So, you can just imagine the reaction of my 9 year old brother who was not mature enough to handle the intensity of this sex scene.

e started yelling like an idiot; “Oh my god! Look at her boobs!” and some other crap I can’t remember specifically but it was so embarrassing.

People (actual adults who belonged there) looked over at us with anger, probably thinking who the hell let these kids in to this movie?

We kept trying to shut him up but he kept going on and on. It was as if he loved the attention he was getting by being obnoxious. I wanted to punch him out.

To make matters worse, my best friend actually ran into HER parents best friends, going into the same movie. They even asked her; “Ummm, do your parents know you are seeing this movie?”

This was not good for her. in fact, her parents wouldn’t even let us go see Powder,” another classic 1996 movie:

She and I both knew she would get into so much shit (and she did actually) with her parents once they found out she saw “Jerry Maguire” at ALL, never mind the fact she was without parental guardianship.

Anyway, I loved the movie.

I also loved the little kid they had in it:

Johnathan Lipnicki

The love story between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger felt so real because of their chemistry on screen. Keep in mind, this is Renee’s FIRST lead role in a movie with a real, big name movie star like Tom Cruise.

READ: Why Jerry Maguire Is Tom Cruise’s Best Movie

Who can forget all of the classic lines like “You Complete Me” & “You Had Me At Hello.”

The Soundtrack made the movie for me and I guess a bunch of other people because when the radio played the song; Secret Garden, movie sound clips of “Jerry and Dorothy” professing their love for each other would come into the song every few seconds or so.

No joke; this was a serious slow dance song at our co-ed birthday parties down in the basement where we would hangout and people who were “going out” with each other would go nuts over this song.

They played it constantly on KISS 92.5 which was my favourite radio station during 1994-1999.

Here it is for you all to watch:

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I totally bought this movie when it came out on VHS. The memories I have from watching it a thousand times with random people gives me such a nostalgic feeling. It feels good.

This movie now has a huge cult following, so much so they actually did a Pop-Up Video Store just for “Jerry Maguire” VHS tapes. I am sad my kids will never get to experience the thrill of waiting for a movie to “come out on video.” It’s depressing.

You know what else is depressing?

They just don’t make movies like this one anymore.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I’d love to hear your stories about Jerry Maguire or another movie close to your heart in my comments.

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  1. HA-HA This was the best. Jerry Maguire was one of my favourite movies of all time. I used to pretend I was a Renee and a guy I liked was Tom. I’d talk to myself in the mirror pretending he loved me, completed me lol thank you for writing this. Love your blog.

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