About Me

Hmmm about me….still trying to figure out how to write “About Me” without sounding pretentious 🙂

Well….6 years ago it was ALL about me;

  • A high stress but rewarding Banking career which lasted 13 years
  • Perfect” house in the suburbs with a “perfect” husband, dog and two cats
  • BUTTHEN…..I had my first baby girl in 2014. We decided to sell our big home in the suburbs and move to the “City” where North and South street directions make a big difference (future post)
  • And then another little baby girl arrived in 2017
  • And then nothing felt the way it used to….

I’m a type-A personality who constantly needs to be doing something either around the house, with the kids and family but I also LOVE my alone time (with a 100 lb dog of course). I ❤️ my kids, reading, writing, animals, music and celebrity gossip. I’m a Country girl at heart, being raised that way and I hope to become a farmer one day….ha ha.

Without my career as a focus right now, motherhood is “about me” and my journey towards figuring out how to manage/have/obtain “it all.” If that’s even a real thing……

I myself am an accredited Financial Advisor/Planner with 13 years experience working for a large (ok huge) bank. Over the years and many thousands spent on education, my expertise in Financial Planning: taxes, retirement savings, mortgages, credit/debt, estate planning etc. has allowed me to help countless families and people.

If you need help BEFORE going to the bank, do not hesitate to reach out.

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