Rapid-Fire Child Bearing

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do things slowly. Having babies was no exception. When I worked as a Banker, people would often remark on how quickly I walked, how fast I did things like processing a transaction or following up with them. I took pride in my ability to do whatever was expected... Continue Reading →

Mommy the Ex-Banker

A few months ago, I disappeared into oblivion. I went from writing every few days to going private overnight. Some of my readers (such loyalty, thank you) reached out to me to ask when I'd post again or if I'd come back to blogging.Some of you may recall my posts about going back to work,... Continue Reading →

Hungry Ghosts

There is a brilliant man named Dr. Gabor Mate who advocates for those addicted to drugs. He wrote a book I am currently reading: Buy It - In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts Why am I reading a book about addiction? Addiction; specifically to opiates, has affected my family and friends for several years. No... Continue Reading →

Back to Work

Yes, you read that correctly. Mommy went back to the Bank yesterday. This has been in the works for awhile actually but I kept it quiet. I began a new job with a new institution so things are quite exciting right now. "Anyone need some money? Anyone want to give me their money?" The newness... Continue Reading →

Stimulation Overload

Survival of the fittest over here! Next year, I may need to say "No" to a few Christmas Parties involving children because after this weekend, I have a child who now thinks Christmas happens every day. She is very young and so this is not a surprise, but still, I feel I need to fix... Continue Reading →

LUSH Christmas Product Reviews

I am shameless when it comes to hair, face and makeup products - I absolutely love buying stuff for ME. If you read my last product review: "So - Are you ready to SHAVE your Body?" you know how much I love self tanning but did you know.... I LOVE LUSH products too, especially bath... Continue Reading →

Dragons Breath

Well - I am back from my trip! Figuratively and literally. It has taken me a few days to recover and really process the weekend. The place I went to shall remain nameless but please privately contact me. This is at the request of the owners due to the controversial nature of Ayahuasca: From Wikipedia:... Continue Reading →

So….Are You Ready to SHAVE Your Body?

You know what I mean..... Legs, Underarms, Arms, Feet, Belly Button and all below? I admit to all of the above because I am an obsessive "Self-Tanner" slave to the one and only.....tried and tested.....dun dun dun: VICHY ID√ČAL SOLEIL SELF TANNER This has been my tried, tested and much loved self-tanner for like 5... Continue Reading →

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